Company Profile & Facilities

In 1981 George Mitropoulos, after 23 successfull years in high design and quality furniture manufacturing , establishes the company G. MITROPOULOS S.A. , which activates in the field of importing prototype material for furniture tapestry.

His useful experience from visiting the major expositions in Italy and Germany, his participation in the production process in Italy, his love for the concept “Furniture”, living the transition of the style from classic to modern and his desire to pass on these modern materials and know-how to the greek market, boosts him to make a living out of this knowledge.

He cooperates with the largest european factories such as É.P.E.A - CINTEL - POKER - S.A.M.A.C - ADAM ADESIVI that offer quality products, research and quality control with ISO 9002, which helps the customers of the firm for the proper production process.

He creates facilities that he owns with storage space, offices and showrooms, so that the customers can have the most pleasant and effective information updating about the new models.

Together with his family and his experienced co-workers, he assembles a team that has a goal, and this is to satisfy the needs of any customer. This team with the daily contacts with clients and foreign suppliers, makes sure that they are on the top of any new developments in the area.

The goal of this company is simple. Having as a strong asset the know-how, together with consistensy, respect and professionalism, makes sure that customers are informed about the latest in furniture tapestry that Italians use today.

Our goal is also that clients are pleased with our quality, research, technics, updating, technical support and our fine and logical prices.